Flight Options

We have three popular flight options:

Glenmary Glacier - a 35-40 min flight to the closest glacier to Twizel.

Tasman Glacier - a 60-70 min flight to New Zealand's largest glacier.

Big Three - this is our longest flight and includes the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers, as well as the Tasman, Murchison, Hooker and Mueller glaciers.

Price per person

Cessna 172


Glenmary Glacier - 35 min:  

$195.00 (three passengers) 

$295.00 (two passengers)

Tasman Glacier - 60 min:

$295.00 (three passengers)

$395.00 (two passengers)

Big Three - 70 min:                 

$345.00 (three passengers)

$445.00 (two passengers)

Grumman Biplane


Glenmary Glacier - 40 min: 

$445.00 (two passengers)

Tasman Glacier - 70 min:

$745.00 (two passengers)

Glenmary Glacier
Glenmary Glacier

The closest glacier to Twizel.

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Tasman Glacier
Tasman Glacier

New Zealand's longest.

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The Big Three
The Big Three

The Tasman, Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers.

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